The Big Moon – Classy Lion Band of The Month

I recently took a road trip with my brother Austin and a friend of ours (also named Austin) to Austin Texas for SXSW.  Instead of spending boatloads of money to get into the official SXSW events, we took advantage of the tons of free shows around town.  We saw 41 different bands play without paying a single entry fee.  SXSW isn’t half bad!   Maybe some of the bands we saw aren’t exactly going to be well known anytime soon.   However, there was one band that I’m pretty sure is on their way to the top, and I don’t think it will take them long to get there.


The Big Moon at Pearl Street Co-op
The Big Moon, playing at the Pearl Street Co-op in Austin, Texas, during SXSW.


So what band am I talking about?  The Big Moon.  The London based Indie Rock band was formed in 2014 by Juliette Jackson. They haven’t released a ton of music since then but what they have released is gold.  Their music has a new sound and style than I’ve heard before, and it’s great.  Did I mention that all four members of the band are great musicians?  Yeah, they aren’t your run-of-the-mill lipsync heros, they mean business.


The Big Moon at Pearl Street Co-op SXSW

Hanging Bananas from lights is totally normal. Not...
Hanging Bananas from lights is totally normal. Not…


The Big Moon at Pearl Street Co-op SXSW

While I was at SXSW I got to see them play twice.  The first time I saw them play was at the Pearl Street Co-op, they played in the kitchen/dining room and I sat and watched from on top of the kitchen counter(it was a really great spot).  The second time was at an event on South Congress Called South by San Jose (SXSJ) and that was also a great show.

The Big Moon playing at SXSJ at the San Jose Hotel in Austin Texas.
The Big Moon, playing at SXSJ in South Congress, during SXSW.



After playing 11 shows at SXSW the band has finally returned to the UK, where they have a ton of upcoming shows that you won’t want to miss if you can help it.


The Big Moon


Now here’s something to get excited about, The Big Moon is about to release their second album, titled “Love in the 4th Dimension” it is available for preorder from Amazon and will be released on April 16th!  I can’t wait to hear this new album, and I’ll probably be ordering myself a vinyl copy of it any day now and you should too.  Yeah, you heard me, it’s available on vinyl!  (Find it Here)

So do yourself a favor, and go check this band out.  You can find their music on Spotify, and they’re on Instagram as @commoonicate.   Find their upcoming tour dates at


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