Classy Lion Gear of The Month

Here at Classy Lion HQ we like to keep track of our favorite gear.  We’ve decided to share some of our favorites with you every month.  You never know what awesome new gear you might find.  Welcome to the first installment of “Classy Lion Gear of The Month”.  Enjoy!


You have to admit, we all love our cameras.  So check out this awesome camera gear.



Samsung Nx1000 20.3Mp Mirror-less Camera



The Samsung Nx1000 is a a little on the old side now (released in 2012) but it still packs a punch and is even more cost effective than ever.  It’s 20.3mp CMOS sensor takes incredible pictures and shockingly good HD video at 1080p by 30fps.  DId I mention how wallet friendly it was?  You can pick one up on Amazon for $330.  Yeah you read that right, you can get your hands on an Nx1000 with a lens for $330.   It’s also WiFi enabled so you can use your phone as a mobile viewfinder and share pictures over the internet.  On top of all of that, because all of Samsung’s Nx series lenses will fit the Nx1000 there are tons of great inexpensive lenses available.

Check out these pictures that Classy Lion ambassador Jacob Layton took with his Nx1000.



SAMSUNG CSCsavannahg-r (1)






These a just a few of our favorite pictures from the Nx1000.  If you want to see more go checkout @Jtlayton on Instagram.  In fact, here’s a video sample from his Instagram account made with the Nx1000 using a $30 lens setup.


“My Samsung Nx1000 amazes me every time I use it.  It’s easy to use, takes great pictures, and even better video.” -Jacob Layton



Next up we have…  You guessed it.  Another Camera.


We’ve been waiting a long time for Samsung to release at truly professional camera, and now they have.


The Samsung Nx1 28mp Wireless Smart Camera


The Nx1 is the flagship camera of Samsung’s Nx series.  With a 28mp APS-C-sized CMOS sensor with BSI (Back Side Illumination) and the ability to capture 4k video at 30fps it’s pretty impressive.  It is Wifi enabled, takes up to 15fps burst, and it’s capable of up to an 1/8000 shutter speed.


It’s is a little more pricey than the Nx1000.  It will cost you $1600 to get your hands on one.  But compared to similar cameras on the market the Nx1 isn’t actually that pricey.  For example, the Sony A7s cost $2200 and is a 12mp camera, with the ability to take only 5fps burst.  The A7s does have a full frame sensor making the most out of it’s 12mp but it still isn’t 28mp like the Nx1.  The A7s takes 4k video like the Nx1, the only difference is you’ll need an external recorder to record 4k from the A7s where the Nx1 records 4k to an on board SD card.


There are some rumors that Samsung is going to stop making cameras.  But for now the Nx1 has just seen a large price drop.  A lot of Nx lenses have also dropped in price.



Well that’s enough about cameras.  Next up.  Camping.



There’s no way I’m the only one who thinks this tent is awesome.  I mean really, look at it!  If this tent doesn’t make you want to go on an adventure, I don’t know what will.  Well, maybe a Unimog equipped for overland exploration, but that’s not exactly in the same ballpark price wise.  Anyways, this tent looks great and stands out from the normal “I’m a tent camper” tent look.  This tent has the “I’m an adventurer studying geothermal activity.  I save the world multiple times a year” look.  It’s actually cheaper than most tents too at $110.  How about that?  Less money for a cooler tent.  I can’t wait to get one just so I can keep it in the trunk of my car for random adventures.  Go check it out for yourself right here.


And lastly we have…

The Opinel No 8 Stainless Steel Folding Kinfe

The Opinel is pretty self explanatory.  It’s an awesome pocket knife.  If you like knives and haven’t owned an Opinel than you’re missing out.  It makes a great gift too.  Go and check it out right here.


Well.  That’s all for now.  Don’t forget to check back every month to see what we find.





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